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Machine Learning reaches into the unknown

The act of engaging with physical objects in a safe and non-damaging manner is a critical study in the field of Machine Learning. But the functional leap from robots with prior knowledge of their environment to AI-driven systems — capable of mapping and adapting to new objects and situations — represents a genuine evolutionary step away from the 'Henry Ford' model of production-line automation; a step towards authentic machine the full article. 

Financial services third wave of innovation: AI and machine learning

“The financial services industry will see more change in the next 10 years than it has in the last 100. And that transformation is being driven by a group of smart insurgent startup companies. The Fintech 250 are the most promising of these insurgents.” — CB Insights CEO Anand Sanwal. According to CB Insights, there are now more than 250 tech startups redefining the financial services industry.

It's 2018, let's talk about machine bias

Is it possible to build machines that are free from human biases? Read on for more...

Imagine a Future with no Email

In this interview, the CEO and founder of AI-powered personal assistant, Dennis Mortensen sat down with AIIA editor Megan Wright to discuss the future of our workforce.